Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What a Crazy Week!

Sorry to be MIA again! School is coming to a close and there seems to be more stuff to do than usual. My DD is doing her best to get herself sent to an all girls school for the rest of her school career, my DS is starting on ADHD meds this week and I almost got into a fist fight with a Kindergarten teacher at his school on Monday! No Kidding! I dropped him off after the Dr. appointment at 12:30. He did not want to go to school so he was crying and fussing to the substitute teacher in the hallway. (she is a friend of mine, our girls are BFFs) This other teacher comes out of her classroom and starts yelling at my son, while I am STILL IN THE HALLWAY! It went something like this....

Teacher: "What Now? OMG! You better shut your mouth and get in that classroom right now. You disturbing all the other children, coming in here at 12:30 making all that noise! " ...this point I am turning around...."What kind of mother brings her kid to school at 12:30?" this point I am charging back up the hallway...

Me: "Excuse Me?"

Teacher: blank 'deer-in-headlight' look

Me: "That is MY child you are talking to and YES, I did bring him at 12:30 because he just got back from the doctor. How dare you yell at my son!"

Teacher: "I was talking to the sub..."

Me: "I was standing right there and I heard every word you expect me to believe that you were telling an adult to shut their mouth and get in the class room?"

Teacher: "Well, he was..."

Me: "I don't care WHAT he was doing, you have no right to speak to my child like that..." I put my finger in her face at this point, there was steam coming from my ears...I swear!..."Don't you EVER, EVER speak to my child like that again! He does not get that at home and he is SURE NOT going to get it from YOU!"

Teacher: " I am sorry, I will apologize to your son."

Me: "Yes, I believe that you should."

Then I turned and walked off before I slapped her! I don't remember ever being that mad! I mean, you can say mean things to me or about me, but DO NOT start on my kids!

GGGGRRRRRRR!!!!!!!! What would you have done? Just curious... I did go back the next day to confirm that she apologized and also to apologize for losing my temper. Not that I was wrong, but I should not have "gone postal" on her...hehehehehe




Staci said...

OH MY GOSH! Seriously I would have had to walk away too. I hope he is ok. You too!

InkHearts said...

Yes, we are fine. I had a long talk with him about how what she did was wrong and that he should tell me if anyone ever does that again. But, I have since heard from many, many parents that they have had similar problems with this same teacher. Why does she still have a job? That is what I want to know....

Barb said...

OMG! She is very scary --- and she handles kids!!! Not very well, I must say. She can't even handle adults! I would have reacted just as you did, then marched straight to the principal's office. Nobody messes with my kid, either, except now he is an officer in the Navy, but even the Navy acknowledges that Moms Rule!!

ms.cheryl said...

I'd say she got off lightly. When my daughter was in middle school I requested a meeting with a teacher and was told I had to meet with the entire team (about 5 teachers and the principle) so meet we did. I went prepared with everything in writing and starting with the schools purpose statement. I read they listened, when I was done they ALL new "the fat lady had sang" so to speak. You have to stand up for your child because the teachers get WAAAAY to big for thier britches otherwise. They have to know you mean bussiness from the beginning. I also demanded a time frame from the principle on a decision I left him to make but before I left I asked for the name and phone number of the person he answered to. I bet they were all wishing they had let me meet with the one teacher I had a problem with to begin with. I walked out of that meeting with a winning attitude for sure and when I got home the principle called to inform me I WON!!! My demands were met. Always be prepared when you are standing up for your kids. Always know the school policies and argue within the policy and you'll win everytime!
GOOD FOR YOU, ms.cheryl

kisatrtle said...

Dang girl, how did I miss this post. Stupid internet problems. I'm impressed. I don't handle confrontation very well, but I would like to think I would have done everything that you did. When oldest was in second grade a boy student bit her on her upper inner thigh. Yeah, let that location sink in for awhile and I had steamed words with the principal because no one called me since the "skin wasn't broken" Hello...I said he had his head in her vajayjay. That alone warrants a phone call. Add to the fact that he was a foster kid...I was livid. Just thinking about it pisses me off again. Good job standing up for your kids!

word is Pliumist: which is and allergy medication for people allergice to plywood.

Cindy E said...

Holy cow, Shannon! I was getting steamed just reading your post. You handled exactly as I would have - mother tiger defending her cub! I think, given the fact that other people have reported the same behavior from this teacher, it's time to talk to the principal and the school board about her. She should NOT be talking to students that way.

BTW, my daughter teaches at a "low-performing" (spelled m-i-n-o-r-i-t-y) high school, and while she doesn't take any BS from the students, she would not talk to a student that way, either. She shows respect, and demands it in return (and you better believe, they give it)!

Papirskreppa said...

I am a teacher myself. Must say that this kind of behaviour from a teacher is not very wise. Children must be shown respect, but in the same time you hve to make it clear to them who's in charge. But yelling at them dont solve any problem, and it surtenly doesn't give the teacher a good relation to the pupils. You did right to say what you ment.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you and your son had to go through this, but I do want to commend you for going back to her and apologizing for losing your temper. So often we feel justified but we need to keep our emotions in check. Good for you for making it right. She most certainly should NOT speak to your son that way and I doubt she ever will again ;)!