Thursday, November 19, 2009

This and that...

Ok, so it is November and things are BUSY around here. The 23rd is my folks 45th Wedding Anniversary and I am throwing them a party the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, also my birthday, I am having at my house....AM I CRAZY??????

Also, our car that has been perpetually in the shop the last few months has now decided to not start....again....ugh!

Here are a couple things I have been working on lately...

This is a Nutcracker that I drew and colored. I have a friend that is cuckoo for Nutcrackers, I mean she has like, over 100 of them! For her birthday, I drew this and colored four of them in different colored outfits and framed them.

That got me thinking about The Nutcracker Suite and so I drew this Mouse King to go with the Nutcracker.

I think they turned out pretty good...what do you think? OF COURSE...I colored them with Copic markers.



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Top Five List...

Of Where Shannon Has Been The Last Month!

5: She starting cleaning out the garage...we should see her sometime next spring!
4: She joined the should see her beard!
3: She joined the Peace Corps...she thought it was a spa retreat!
2: She was abducted by aliens...good thing she has her CHL!
1: She joined the she has to kill you! hehehe

Actually, I have been recovering from the Mother Of All Colds, which turned into Bronchitis. So needless to say (and yet I am still saying it...hehehe) I have not been in the mood to blog...or do much of anything else.

I will begin posting regularly again soon!

Miss you!