Thursday, November 19, 2009

This and that...

Ok, so it is November and things are BUSY around here. The 23rd is my folks 45th Wedding Anniversary and I am throwing them a party the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, also my birthday, I am having at my house....AM I CRAZY??????

Also, our car that has been perpetually in the shop the last few months has now decided to not start....again....ugh!

Here are a couple things I have been working on lately...

This is a Nutcracker that I drew and colored. I have a friend that is cuckoo for Nutcrackers, I mean she has like, over 100 of them! For her birthday, I drew this and colored four of them in different colored outfits and framed them.

That got me thinking about The Nutcracker Suite and so I drew this Mouse King to go with the Nutcracker.

I think they turned out pretty good...what do you think? OF COURSE...I colored them with Copic markers.