Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Me, maybe some Candy and a Friend...

Ok, this is not a sale advertisement, or a DT Blog Hop or anything remotely craft related. Just me, sitting here typing...while my kids continue to NOT go to bed and I continue to wonder whether or not Laptop Wrist is a REAL ailment or just a figment of my imagination...I think it *might* be carpal tunnel, but I don't really want to *think* about it much! Things here have been pretty out of the ordinary...I cannot go into details but suffice it to say that our stress levels are WWAAAYYYY over the normal threshold and your prayers are greatly appreciated. On the up side, we both still have jobs! I know many people are not so blessed and I hope that God will open a new door, a better door, for them in the near future.

Interestingly enough, I did something recently that most people think of as a "man-thing". In fact, I was the only woman there! If you really want to know what it was, email me and I will let you in on the secret. I would post it here, but DH tells me that my blog now shows up when my name is Googled so my personal privacy is pretty much out the window. Actually, I might end up making a Blog Candy out it...that would be fun! Put all the correct answers into a hat and draw a winner? What do you think? What kind of things would make a good "Candy?" I know what my crafty friends will say....but what about the rest of you? Let me hear from you!

Now, I want to tell you about a sweet person that I have come to know in the blogging world. Ellyn, who owns the blog Profoundly Seth. Seth is her youngest who was born early and was profoundly deaf. They fought to get him Cochlear Implants, which he now has, and the journey was amazing to read. She also talks about her losing a child (stillbirth), losing a husband (in the process) and how she is coping with being pregnant while her marriage seems to be ending. She has three other kids, Ava, Jace and Eli(he was stillborn) and is currently expecting #5. Her blog is an adventure into faith, family and fortitude. Please give her some bloggy love, and help raise her "hit-count"...it is her only source of income at the moment.



kisatrtle said...

hmmmmm...good candy. I could use some new christmas stamps...ok off to visit your friends blog.

word: detedera - which I think is a drug that helps you sleep

Cindy said...

Shannon, prayers going up for you and your family. Hugs, Cindy E.