Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Red and Yellow!!! RED AND YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!

So, this weekend we had some really bad thunderstorms which managed to knockout out our Cable Internet service. (I know, this is a TRUE EMERGENCY!!!!)

I went outside to see if the cable was down or what. It looked ok, so while I was out there I decided to feed the three outside kittehs and check my garden. I wandered around, did not see the smallest kitteh, Skippy Jon, and decided to head back in. As I am passing the front of our truck, I see SJ's tail wiggling underneath it. I walk over in my flip-flops, peek under the truck and SJ's is playing with something...

I step closer to get a better look and YIKES!!!

it is a SNAKE!!!

with STRIPES!!!!!


My brain is saying RUN!!!!

my heart is saying KITTEH!!!!

my feet are saying I AM WEARING FLIP FLOPS!!!!!! AAACCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!

So I run the back door, which is locked because OF COURSE!!! I came out the FRONT door, and start banging like a mad woman. The phone picks this instant to start ringing and I hear my middle son say "I can't open the door! I don't know who it is!" (what a good boy! except now...LOL) Hubby comes to the door, evidently I had interrupted him boxing on the Wii Fit, and I manage to tell him, "SNAKE, CORAL SNAKE, CAT, TRUCK!!!" He says, "are you sure?" to which I reply,


like a lunatic!

Being the rational person that he is, he stops to put on shoes while I, still in my flip flops, completely ignore the rain boots standing right next to me! (Aren't they FABULOUS?)

He gets the garden hoe and pulls the snake out from under the truck. It was at least 2 feet long! Skippy Jon, now affectionately called "SNAKE KILLAH!" is still trying to play with it!

Hubby kills it with the hoe and we put it on the burn pile.

end of drama.

How was your weekend?



Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Oh my!!! I am having palpatations reading this! What abrave hubbie you have:)

Glad we only have wasps to contend with in this country !
HUgs Judy x

kisatrtle said...

Your kitten has a really small brain, huh? LOL Glad no one man or beast was hurt.

InkHearts said...

Either that, or a REALLY BIG ego! LOL He thinks he is a big scary wild cat! or maybe a chihuahua...hehehehe... :o)

Nannette said...

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