Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Fun!

So, this weekend we took our boys (4 & 5) to the mall to see Santa. They were pretty normal until they actually SAW the Man in Red. Oh Boy! Did they get excited! Especially the 4yr old. He started jumping and lauging...he does this laugh we call "the goat laugh" when he REALLY likes something. He has done it since he was just months old, but usually we hear it related to food that tastes good to him. He RAN up to Santa, hopped on his knee, asked for a "T-Rex that runs!" and kissed him on the cheek! I think that "Santa" really liked that...hehehe. Anyway, they also rode the little train they had in the mall, twice because the first time they did not get to sit in the engine, and then they had these big, stuffed animals that they rode on and you can steer them like a bike. They had a BLAST! and best of was cheap! LOL

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