Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Trip to Six Flags, Three Preteen Girls and a Zanax, please!

I'm baaaack! Did you miss me? heheheh Well, we have been crazy busy with getting ready for, going to, and getting back from my DD's Dance Competition in Dallas. It was a crazy weekend that included two 5 hour cartrips with three preteen girls, two days at Six Flags riding rides, three evenings lounging in the hot tub at the hotel and half a day running around like crazy helping with costume changes at the competition.

Here is a picture of the whole group.

Here is one of my absolutely gorgeous DD (I'm just a *wee* bit predjudiced, I know! hehe)

This is DD and me posing with Batman...can you tell this guy takes his job WAAYYY too seriously? LOL Maybe he is mad because they made him wear tights in public! hehehe

Overall, it was a wonderful trip and we had a really good time. I cannot wait to go again!



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kisatrtle said...

Welcome back. I for one really missed you. Great pictures! Congrats to your daughter.