Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blog Candy for Eye Candy!

2sketches4you is giving away some awesome Sakura candy, and all you have to do to be entered to win is: 1) post about your fave "eye candy," which could be anyone or anything that you love (yes, chocolate counts!) So, here is my very own "CandyMan" (Christina would be jealous!hehe) And, speaking of, have you HEARD that song?!?!?! My DD is wanting to do a dance to it for Drill Team competition in Dallas. I was watching them last night and her group is really good and the dance is super-cute...BUT.....THAT SONG!!!!!! It sounds like Boogie-Woogie, circa The Andrews Sisters, but the similarities come to a screeching halt at the sound. Granted, the girl has got some pipes and the tune is really infectious, but I feel like I should wash our ears out with soap just for listening to it! Thankfully, she did not know what most of it meant. Of course, I had to tell her because I am not sure I want my 12yr old dancing to a song about dropping undergarments and popping George Washington's favorite fruit! What do you think?


Laura Davis said...

Really cute pic shannon! You two make a handsome couple! I LOVE that song Candy Man, but I agree you have to look past the lyrics:)
Thanks for playing!

Enfys said...

Cute pic of a cute pair Shannon. Haven't heard that track, but must admit to loving boogie woogie, and I'm not THAT old!!!
En xx

kisatrtle said...

I'm not sure I want to hear this song. Yikes...Cute picture of you CandyMan

Word: PYISESSP Of course, that is was POP does when you shake it all up it (Fizzes up)

jules said...

oh what a lovely pic!!!lovely couple!!1