Sunday, February 22, 2009

Suffering BPWS (Blog Post Withdrawal Syndrome!)

My DH left today to go out of town for a few days and he took my camera with him *sigh*... I miss my XD card....*sniff* So, even if I DO make anything, I can't take a picture of it!!!! DARN! The likelihood of my actually being able to get anything made is closer to zero than I actually thought was possible to be, on the count of me being home by myself with the kids and no one to run interference for me. So, I will have to settle for rifling thru my picture files and seeing what I come up with...

Is this picture just the best? Here, my youngest DS is lamenting the unjustness that prevents him from joining "his brudder" on stage at
Pre-K Graduation. I don't know where he gets that lip from, although I have been told it is from me (I don't believe it though...hehehe)

For those of you who don't live in the South, where we refer to the ground as "gumbo", I am showing you this lovely, it is not a miniature volcano. This is a crawfish pile...yep, that is right, those mini-lobster looking things that you eat at the seafood restaurant? They live undergound and when it rains, they tunnel up and leave these all over the yard. This is a side view, from the top, there is an actual tunnel that goes down to where the crawfish lives.

This is a picture of what used to be called, "Shoestring Alley." This was taken in the early 1900's here in Sour Lake, Texas when they first found oil and Texaco was born. There was so much oil pumped out of the ground so fast, that a sinkhole formed and this area collapsed. There was a mineral spring ( thus the name Sour Lake) and should have been a big spa and hotel, but when they found oil, all those plans got pushed aside.

Ok, well I feel a little better. Thanks for putting up with my randomness tonight. Blessings!


kisatrtle said...

What a cute little pout face your little one has.

That is one interesting crawdaddy mound. I can honestly say that I've never seen one of those.

Sour Lake, sinkholes, and Texaco all in the same paragraph. I like your randomness.

P.S. Your poem made my daughter laugh out loud. Thanks for playing along.

P.S.S. word of the day arthu -"Arthu going to put your clothes away?"

Michelle said...

What a gorgeous little face! My oldest has that bottom lip pout as well. I just want to eat him every time I see it!

I had no idea about the crawfish thingys. Our family used to go trawling in the rivers trying to catch them on a sunny day in the summer. Best family memories ever.

What a neat story about where you live. I've learned something new today, thank you!

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Thank you for the Smile you provided me with.
What a very cute child!



kisatrtle said...

Shannon, I need your email. Can you send it to me. I can't find it.

I must be suffering from berspul. It's latin for being pulled in all directions.