Friday, February 6, 2009

Remember the Alamo!!!!

Well, DH and I have been spending a couple of days in San Antonio, TX. He had a conference to attend, and since my work is pretty portable, I tagged along. My sweet, sweet parents are watching the kids for us! We have had awesome food, seen two IMAX 3D movies and visited The Alamo. Here are some pics for those who have never been.This is the front of the Chapel, it used to be a Spanish Mission but then it was secularized and used as an army outpost and barracks.This is a walkway from the grounds to the outside, I thought it was really pretty, especially in Black & White.Here is me and my DH, we always take these kinds of pics...kind of a tradition. They always turn out really good!This plaque is posted on the door to the chapel, the one that says "The Alamo" also has the hours of business on it...not very appealing to the eye! LOL

And last, but not least, this busy little bee was in the garden, pollenating his heart out. I just managed to catch him in the act! Hope you enjoyed the photos, I have been having stamp-withdrawal! I keep seeing things and thinking, "Oh, I could do....darn! No supplies!" or "That would make a great card if I ... drat! Not at home!" or "Wow, that is pretty paper, I could crop it and .... dad-gum-it! I don't have my stuff!!! WAAHHH!!!" It is really bumming me out! On the bright side, I did find a cool little art supply store that stocked Copics, Prismacolor and Tria Markers. I actually bought a couple of Tria Markers, because I did not know what colors I am getting in the SNS Copic Club this month and I liked the brush tip better on the Tria than the tips on the Prismacolors. Also, the Tria's were on SALE!!! and you KNOW how I LOVE a SALE!!



Cindy E said...

Great pictures, Shannon! And I KWYM about getting inspired and not having the tools handy to use, LOL!

Jenners said...

What a wonderful opportunity to get away for a few days without the kids! Lovely! Make the most of it! And I loved the photos! And perhaps you should look into a portable craft bag or something ... sounds like you are suffering from withdrawal!

kisatrtle said...

Those as some cool pics. TFS. I understand the craft withdrawl probably better than anyone. My hubby is taking me on a surprise trip this weekend. His parents are coming out to watch the kids and the dog. LOL I have no idea where we are going but I'm sure it will be fun...I hope.

Today's word is "hansaw" which I'm sure needs no explanation. "Can you pass me the hansaw? I'm fixin some chickn' for super tonight."

jules said...

Hi There!Ijust love the pics the busy bee one is just a beautiful shot!!!