Sunday, February 8, 2009

Playing with Markers...safer than matches!

So, as I said on Friday, I got these new Tria markers when I was in San Antone. I didn't realize until I got home that they were the new(read: uber-cool) ones that have 3 tips, not just two! I just HAD to try them out. So I decided to give it a go with one of the images that Cindy sent me...I really like how this little guy turned out! This is actually a mix of Tria and Prismacolor, but it seemed to work fine. I need to get better at the shading, but I did not want it to be too dark. The thing I am most proud of (I ROCKED IT!!!) is the flame on the candle! (although the pic doesn't do it justice...*sigh* Just take my word, it is awesome! hehehehe I will post the colors I used tomorrow, as my DH is standing in the doorway with that "Are you coming to bed or not?" look on his face. DD and I *might be* (DH just reminded me that we caught her crafting at 10:30pm and her bedtime is 8:30pm!) making school valentines tomorrow and I will have one little boy home sick.


jules said...

Hi Shannon I just wanted to say i love your blog! im new to blogland dont know what im doing yet really iv'e only got two cards on my blog up to now!!.I ould love it if you could visit my blog i need all the help i can get lol!!!.I am gonna follow your blog if that's ok!take care!

Kim Dellow said...

Oh fabulous, I love the colouring. The pens are fab. Kim

Cindy E said...

Oooooo, fantastic job, Shannon! I KWYM about photos don't do the images justice, but on the close-up, I can really see how cool the flame turned out. Looks like the pens blend really well. That's what I love about Copics and hate about Marvy LePlume.

kisatrtle said...

That flame is a rockin' girls. LOVE that little guy! Is he bringing me that cupcake?

Did you get my RAK...dang I hope it ain't lost.

Today's word is tordst; which I believe is a bread you eat with jelly

Jenners said...

Wow! That is amazing! It could be published in a children's book or something!