Monday, January 26, 2009

2 Sick 2 Stamp....*sigh*

I have been in the bed most of the day with a horrible cold! Ugh! I really do not like being cramps my style! LOL Or, as my DD says, "that's not how I roll!" I just barely managed to get the kids off to school and then have just laid in bed and half-heartedly worked on my laptop. I am sure I was not the most productive employee ever, but at least I was making the effort! Anyway, hoping to feel more human tomorrow so I can get back to stamping and card making. I am eagerly awaiting my order and free stamps from Gina K. I hope they get here soon! If you get a chance, say a prayer for me! Thanks!



Enfys said...

Oh Shannon, get well hugs from me. Stay warm. You asked about the oval rose card on my blog, it is one of the cuts on wildcard.
Enfys x

Cindy E said...

You poor thing! Get better prayers coming your way. (Hugs) Cindy

kisatrtle said...

Here's hoping you feel better tomorrow!