Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just Shoot Me Now!!!

So I spent my evening at a Junior High Dance...this should be listed as cruel and inhumane punishment for adults. My DD is 12 and it was her first dance. *Read: she, and 80% of the rest of them, have NO IDEA how to dance* We live out in the country in a small, Southeast Texas town and the DJ played ALL Hip-Hop, ALL night. What was he thinking? It was even more pathetic than that, because they are all SOOOO white!!!! My DD is very pretty, but totally uncoordinated when it comes to dancing (not that I am complaining!) So I spent the evening debating the merits of root canal vs. non-medicated toe-nail extraction! Either would have been preferable. The only REALLY good song was when they played, "Brick House," which I LOVE!!!! So that was one small island of respite in a sea of torture! I was chaperoning, so I felt like a vulture, circling the bodies. The funny thing is, you can TOTALLY tell what they are all up to! I never used to understand how my Mom always knew what I was up to, but now I know...there is NO substitute for experience. As I told my DD, "there is nothing you can even BEGIN to think about doing that I haven't done already, at LEAST once!" Anyway, it is over now and I survived...barely!



Enfys said...

Hilarious, I love the way you write. Your dino card is fab too.
Enfys x

kisatrtle said...

Are you telling me that I have this to look forward to in the future...ugh.

Having already experienced one too many root canals I'm leaning toward rather having the non-medicated toe-nail extration.

Sounds like you had a rocking good time. If it is any consolation my dog vomited in my living room, peed on my scrapbook bag and then my kids overflowed the upstairs toilet all before 9 a.m. on Saturday.

Still I think you have me beat with three hours of hip-hop music...LOL

kisatrtle said...

Shannon, I'm finishing my scrapbook of our trip to Disney. I'm going to post some pics this week.

P.S. I left something on my blog for you.