Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things I Learned Recently...

I got this idea from a blog-friend...Wendy, over at Kisatrtle's Kreative Korner. So, without further ado, my newly acquired knowledge...

1. You should never EVER try to make grilled cheese sandwiches and blog at the same time. Your keyboard gets greasy (pronounced "grea-sss-y, not grea-zzz-y. GAH! It drives me INSANE to hear it with the Z sound! And don't EVEN get me started on nuclear...sheesh!), and your kitchen fills with smoke because you get wrapped up in blogging and forget the sandwich, until your DH comes in and says to you...NOTHING! because he is spectacularly intuitive, and has a great sense of self-preservation.
2. When you feed a Bengal cat tuna fish from a can, it REALLY makes their poo REEK!! Sort of like something crawled up their butt and died in there! And, you can blackmail trade favors with your DD to scoop the box if she REALLY wants to do something that you have the power to veto.

3. My DH really DOES make the yummiest, most scrumptious Oatmeal-Chocolate-Peanutbutter-Haystack cookies on the planet! I tend to conveniently forget this fact from time to time (like tonight) and must insist that he make me some so that I can indeed say, without a doubt, that it is a fact. And, in case you were wondering, I have again proved it to be true! (Thank you, Honey!**kiss-kiss**)
And last, but not least:
4: Software really can cause what I affectionately call "RAM-Rage!" (meaning, it sucks up all your RAM and leaves you floundering in "hourglass-ville" for extended periods of time while you sit and fume like a tea kettle.) I have this program that I have to use for work. I do all my work from home (jealous much? HA!) over a VPN connection. That means I am tied to the company network. Said software (spawn of satan) takes SOOOOO long for every little thing that I want to do, it makes me INSANE!!! (notice a pattern here? hehe) Really, I mean it is like, a) select a button...wait FOREVER!!! b) type something and save it...wax my legs while I am waiting! (and that, my friends, is no small feat!) c) choose a different War and Peace...twice! Ok, maybe I am grossly overexaggerating being a bit melodramatic but, COME ON!!!!

Whew!! I feel so much better now! Blog Catharsis Totally Rocks! LOL Ok, so hopefully tomorrow I can stop stalking the mailman for my GinaK. order and prize. Everytime I hear him pull up, I dash to the door like a maniac. I know he thinks I am some kind of weirdo, but a girl NEEDS her stuff! OH! and before I totally forget and become officially the WORSTEST (another real word?) blog buddy ever, my sweet, sweet friend Cindy E. from
Heart's Delight Cards sent me the nicest RAK today. It was a beautiful get well card, some stamped images that I don't have stamps of and the most awesome Copic color chart with numbers, names and color swatches for all of the Sketch markers! Check out her blog and give her some extra bloggy-love for being such an AWESOME RAK-sender.


kisatrtle said...

You'all bin se-soan today at the playground? It's too dang cold for much of anything here.

In honor of the fact that you love my craft room colors...I have a RAK for you. You need to send me your addy though and probably a last name...LOL Unless you live in such a a small town that Miss Shannon would work.

BTW, I loved your what you learned list. That sandwich diagram made me laugh out loud.

Today's verification word is doxadraf which if I'm not mistaken is a high end dandruff shampoo. LOL

email me your addy at

Debbie said...

Thanks so much for making me laugh and smile i loved reading this posting lol.


Cindy E said...

Thanks, Shannon, I almost spewed coffee on my monitor! Good way to start the day, with a hearty belly laugh. ;-)

Enfys said...

You are so funny, I always smile when I come over here. I love your style of observational humour. Totally with you on the pronounciation thing. You know what drives me crazy? Herbs. In the USA it's always erbs. What appened to the H? I mean, you don't say ello or i when you meet someone, so what's with the erbs?
En xx

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