Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I hit the MOTHERLODE!!!! I was at Joann today (quite easily my fav store) and there, before my unbelieving eyes, was a sign that was practically surrounded by lights and singing the Halellujah Chorus...CRICUT CARTRIDGES: $39.99 ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

I got two new cartridges, New Arrival and Doodlecharms. I wanted more, but they were out of Walk in My Garden and basically everything else. In case you don't know this, I got my first Cricut for Christmas. I was recently bemoaning my lack of cartridges and now I am so excited I cannot stand myself!!! My kids are awake and I cannot DO ANYTHING until they are asleep...can you say Benadryl? (Hey, I DID hear one of them coughing!) LOL

Not only that, but I received my very first blog award today from kisatrtle! ~~wiping a tear~~

"I just want to thank all the little people who...what?" Oh, sorry! Kind of got carried away there! :o) I am SO excited to be the recipient of this award and I will need to think about which 5 of the amazing blogs I have seen to pay it forward to. I just LOVE kisatrtle's blog and I spend ALOT of time reading it...to the point that when I complained this morning about being tired, my hubby smiled and said I was up too late "kissing turtles" last night! LOL Anyway, her blog ROCKS and she is so funny! I think we must have been twins separated at birth...




Enfys said...

Congrats on your award Shannon - you were going to get it from me, but I lost your blog addy. The pair of you ARE like twins, I think the fairies separated you at birth. So I am so glad you got this, very well deserved xxx

InkHearts said...

If someone had not already given it to you, your blog would have been first on my list! You are so creative...I wanna be like you when I grow up!LOL Did you get any more froggy sentiments to use with your new stamp? I tried to think of some, but my brain was not cooperating...need caffiene! Best I cam up with was: "Got a frog in your froat? Hop you feel better soon!"

kisatrtle said...

Awwww, that is tooo sweet. Thanks for always stopping by. It means a lot.